I try to keep my eyes on the sea, the waves, the ships, the flying seagulls.

And then theres Kaupo.
Whole my life he has been fiend.
Then I learned he is hero of Latvia. Some prestigious and great Baltic German families heritage from him.
I learned that many Livonians says theres some kind of crimes (I do not know which) their ancestors did so it is a shameful thing to be Livonian.


Is Kaupo hero of Livonians or Latvians?

I was Kind of taught that Kaupo is a shameful. There was real fight a war against christian army and he just got his 100 gold pieces because he became Christian and were ok to fight against his brothers to turn them too. To bring them peacefully into Europe. Maybe he did speak out smoother life for Livonians? Wecdo not know.

Kaupo knew how big was Europe. He maybe even know pope Innocent III plans to dedicate this land to Holy Mother and knew that every single piece of sh**\ will be forgiven if they preferred to fight “closer to home” and not in Jerusalem. 100 gold coins for giving up the fight against Europe.

They say Kaupo wanted to save his people from pointless death, that theres no chance.
Saaremaa didnt give up before 1343. True, war against Estonians started later, Kaupo was christened by 1202.
War against Estonia started 1208 and was ended 1227(Fall of Saaremaa, but these guys just didnt give up. They sayd until one knee high boy is left we wount give in. I guess the last one was killed in 1343 or they got tired or something).

You can see well where my point of view stands and whats more right for me.

Its bit of wrong to think that Kaupo means Livonia. My government is not me. Your most famous person is not all your people, right? Its person with personal choices. We dont know how great Kaupo was and how great he is pictured later.

I just feel his shadow over me and I want to sunk and hide myself into purifying sea to escape from it.

I do remind myself that most of the Livonians were great people and I have been living bit of their way aswell. Once, hundred years ago.